Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If you write it they will come...

Hello one and all and Welcome.

Are you a young, energetic, tech savvy, good looking creative just starting out?

Do you get constantly deflated by news that the creative industry is hard to get into?

Well you're not alone. We are all constantly bombarded with 'news' that it will be hard to get work in the creative industry. Guess what? Its true.


Over the next "while" we will be interviewing some fellow creatives who have had success in their chosen field.

This blog covers interesting people of all types but if you're into advertising you should probably check out Junior.

You see! You can be creative and still feed yourself! ALL IS NOT LOST!

Well this (hopefully weekly) blog is partly the result of a few individuals that have never heard of me, let alone met me: Junior (Tait & Ed), Stan, and Penny Modra and her crew at ThreeThousand.

These people all have blogs, all of which inspire me to go and do something productive. Hopefully this blog will do the same for you.

So let these fantastic people inspire you to realise your dreams and get that rad job so you can brag about it to your old workmates at Coles.

Until next time...